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Multi-Media Creative WORKSHOPS & Retreats

Engage in a joy filled journey of self-discovery through creative play in an inspiring, uplifting, and supportive atmosphere. Creative Expression invites connecting with your heart, self-reflection, and dialogue that can lead to empowering and meaningful self-revelation.

Shared creative experiences builds connection, community, and empathy, which expands possibilities for action and transformation. Each group experience becomes a sacred circle where we share intimately, open to vulnerability, and have a whole lot of fun!

All workshop activities are designed to support you in going beyond the inner critics voice, take risks, open to the freedom of expression, and stimulate your sense of new possibilities.
We explore through visualization, writing prompts, paint, clay, collage, printing, metal tooling, and more... using words, images, colors, and textures that intrigue, provoke, and inspire!

"SHE" Workshops

Altars, Shrines, & Sacred Containers Workshops

Nature Mandala Workshop