Wedding Ceremonies

It is a joyful honor to help you create a sacred, intimate, romantic ceremony that captures the heart and spirit of your deep connection and your shared visions of a new life together. I will be a guide on your journey towards this celebration of your love and commitment, and a nurturing presence to help make your wedding a beautiful, shimmering reflection of who you are as individuals and as a couple.

Additional Custom Ceremonies

• Renewals    • Baby Blessings    • Life Celebrations    • Rite of Passage

Meet Wendy

Wendy Brewer is an Ordained Minister certified by the Universal Life Church, honoring couples of all religions, races, cultures, beliefs and sexual orientations. She is a Soul-Centered Counselor and Healing Arts Facilitator with an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology.

Wendy has been happily married since 1987.  Her own wedding provided her first opportunity to write meaningful vows and craft a heartfelt ceremony.  Her inspiration is renewed and ignited each time she creates a unique and loving ceremony for another couple.  

Wendy is also a professional mosaic artist whose unique mixed-media mosaic collages have been exhibited in galleries in Oregon and Southern California.  She enjoys creating custom meaningful pieces that commemorate special occasions, such as wedding and birth tiles, memorial tiles, shrines and more.  


Additional Services

Pre- and Post-Wedding Communication and Relationship Coaching Sessions for couples and/or individual:

  • Gain greater clarity, understanding, and caring in communication

  • Deepen in your acceptance and appreciation for yourself and your partner

  • Listen and speak from your heart

Keepsake Mosaic Art Pieces to Commemorate your Special Life Events:

  • Custom Mosaic Wedding Altars and Plaques

  • Custom Mosaic Baby Plaques

View Mosaic Art Pieces