community projects

Collaboration in any form feels inspiring and exciting!  I enjoy working with any age group in any setting, whether it be in a school with students, in a hospital with patients, or during a personal retreat with participants.  Facilitating group projects that foster connection, community, and creativity is a gratifying experience!  

The fruits and veggies were created by 4th grade students at Harding Elementary as part of their healthy living curriculum. It is installed in the entry to the cafeteria.

The Koi project was created by patients in the Lebanon Hospital.  They worked on the panels while they were receiving their infusion treatments.  The panels are installed in the Infusion Unit waiting room at the hospital.

The Sea Turtle was created by 4 & 5 year old preschool students in the “Sea Turtle” classroom at the Orfalea Children’s Center and is installed on the campus.

And finally, the swirling piece on the concrete wall was a Community wide hospital mural project, at Good Samaritan Hospital, created by patients, family members, visitors and hospital staff.