Life Empowering Coaching TESTIMONIALS

Wendy is a gifted coach who’s helping me make profound changes in my life. Her wisdom, intuition, insight and sensitivity are making it possible for me to transform unhealthy, negative thoughts and behaviors into ones that are positive, self-loving, and self-affirming. She’s warm, caring and present, and creates a safe, trusting space when we’re working together. Equally important, she provides me with tools to continue the work on my own. I’m so grateful I found her!
— P.G.
Wendy was tremendously helpful to me when I was grieving a devastating loss. Her compassion, intuition, wisdom and loving presence helped me feel safe enough to experience my emotions and feelings of vulnerability. Wendy knows how to listen deeply, and she was able to gauge what I could handle in each of the sessions. She created an environment that encouraged me to take risks that helped me begin to heal. I’m so grateful for her insights and her heart-centered support and guidance.
— P.G.
Wendy is an amazing coach and human being.  She is kind and compassionate, and she really gave me the courage to open up and be honest with myself about my emotional suffering.  Wendy’s coaching was extremely effective in helping me understand and process the painful feelings that resurfaced throughout my life around my difficult childhood.  She introduced me to techniques that have supported me in embracing a new, more positive, perspective.  She helped me develop and grow self-compassion, which was an essential part of moving forward for me. I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with someone as skilled and empathetic as Wendy.  I highly recommend her services.
— T.D.
My healing and coaching sessions with Wendy have made a significant difference in my life. With her support, guidance, and various healing techniques, I was able to work through unresolved emotional issues relating to my childhood and recent divorce. Traditional therapy methods were unsuccessful in breaking down these emotional barriers. Among the many powerful tools that Wendy introduced, I found EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), and the Freedom Writing technique to be very successful in clearing negative feelings. I am now able to practice self-love (without guilt) and self-acceptance in my life. Today my heart feels lighter and I have a greater sense of happiness and well-being.
— TL